Thundering Down the Stretch

The Nomex arrived of Friday. We’re still pretty grumpy with FedEx for taking so long (It was shipped via FedEx ground not FedEx air.)

Kevin was up all night sewing away. All of the Nomex has been cut and attached to the bottoms of the gores. He’s also finished four of the seams at the bottom.

The best window for standing up the balloon is Sunday morning. Unfortunately, it looks very unlike that Kevin will be finished sewing by that point. And, even if he stayed up another night to get it done, he’d be in no shape to point a 15 foot flame in the direction of his precious creation.

So, we expect the weather to close in late on Sunday. The weather maps for Monday and Tuesday don’t look very promising either. We’re hoping that we get a window of calm air towards Wednesday. Kevin needs to be on the road on Thursday. (Stress? What stress?)

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