Heading Down the Home Stretch

Kevin’s gone through a fair bit of his “To Do” list. The horizontal tapes have been attached. He’s also nearly finished with the top vent (including a very nice hem around the edge.) The major items that remain are attaching the vertical load tapes to a load ring (a metal ring) at the top, sewing the last vertical seam, finishing the load tapes at the bottom, and adding the bottom panel of Nomex.

Of course, Kevin now faces the classic problem that the first 90% of any task takes 90% of the work and the last 10% of the task takes the other 90%. But we’ere still hoping to stand the balloon up sometime around (or shortly after) this coming weekend. Kevin can get a lot of work done on his 10 sewing binges.

The Nomex is the only major sticking point. Due to an (as yet) unexplained delay by FedEx, the Nomex has languished in the New York area for several days. The person who answers the FedEx telephone claims it will be delivered tomorrow. Given that Kevin has been listening to Thomas Friedman’s “The Worlds is Flat” as a book on tape, he’s convinced that this person is somewhere in India. So it’s not as if this person is anywhere near the package in question. Not much to do at this point but trust in FedEx’s computer technology.

This evening was greatly enlivened by the arrival of a genuine Louisiana “King Cake” sent as a Mardi Gras gift from Kevin’s Mom to my family. Kevin came over this evening to lead us through the ceremonial “search for the baby”: a small token infant symbolizing the Christ Child is hidden in the cake and the person whose piece of cake contains the baby is “crowned the King” (or Queen as appropriate) for the evening. As it happened, my son Gavin obtained the noble designation. Quite a yummy cake too. A good time was had by all. Many thanks to Mother Herschman.

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